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New Card

August 20, 2021

Hey Stackers! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Here is a small update with a huge value for shortcut lovers and not only! πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

The most requested shortcuts are finally here:

  • Use "⌘ + T" to instantly bring up the address-bar right where you are, type an URL or Search inΒ Google, hit enter and open a new card right next to the active one!
  • Type "⌘ + W" to suspend an active card, press again to close it
  • Use "⌘ + ⇧ + T" to restore a closed card

For Windows you can use Ctrl + T, Ctrl + W and Ctrl + Shift + T shortcuts accordingly.

Scientists in UK have discovered that using shortcuts saves your time! πŸ™ƒ

So, use shortcuts!

Save time!

πŸ› Β Bugs Fixed

  • Synchronisation issue on a low network connection.
  • Correct space oder in space menu.
  • Slack notifications when card inactive.



Card Drop

July 9, 2021

What you get with Stack 3.34:

  • Card Drop & Enhanced Navigation
  • New Context Menu
  • Sidebar Tooltips
  • And tons of bug fixes


πŸ—‘ Card Drop & Enhanced Navigation

Meet the Card drop - a completely new experience to quickly perform a card action. Simply drag the card and drop it on one of the action boxes. As of now, there are two actions available: "Suspend" and "Move to other space". We will be adding more action buttons soon. So feel free to write us in live chat and share your thoughts on which new card actions you would like to see.

PRO tip 1: Drag card directly to Stack logo to move to other space

PRO tip 2: While dragging a card press 'Control' + 'Tilda(~)' Β to drop it in another space


✨ Context menu

Spacebar now has its context menu which comes with quite a few important actions. You can mute, suspend, close, or move to another space both card and a stack. You can also find relevant context menus when right-clicking on the top bar and space switcher.

πŸ’¬ App tooltips

If you used to have one stack with all your Gmail accounts, or any other cards with the same icons, struggling to differentiate from each other, tooltips are here to help you easily find the one you need. Hover the cursor over the icon of the app on the sidebar and you will see the name of the card.

PRO tip 3: You can change the name of the card when saving it from the card top bar.

⭐️ More new stuff:

  • Option to open links directly in private mode (right-click)
  • Navigate within a stack by typing Ctrl + stack number + same number [win] Β or Cmd + stack number + same number [mac]
  • ‍Added suspend action in the card dropdown menu
  • Added new extension: Dark Reader


πŸ› Notable bug fixes

  • Long title in app tooltip breaks the layout
  • Initial values in the app menu
  • Copy link in ghost card
  • Outlook notifications
  • Night eye extension
  • Lastpass popup
  • Telegram notifications


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